Two More Deadwood Casinos Announce Temporary Closures

Two more Deadwood casinos announced temporary closures Sunday due to the coronavirus pandemic. Deadwood Gulch stated on its Facebook page that its casino went dark at 6am Sunday, March 22. The hotel checked out all guests that same morning. Its restaurants closed the night before.

Bullock Hotel, located on Main Street across from the Deadwood parking garage, is closing at 8am on Wednesday, March 25. The hotel will also close that morning. These casinos join Deadwood Mountain Grand, Saloon No. 10, VFW Post 5969 and Oyster Bay in suspending operations due to the public health crisis.

I confirmed today that there are still 17 casinos operating in Deadwood as of 3pm local time on March 23, including Bullock, which closes Wednesday. The American Gaming Association reports that there are only 20 commercial casinos still operating in the entire country.

Update 3/24: The Lodge at Deadwood suspended all operations, bringing the number of Deadwood casinos confirmed open at 16. Silverado-Franklin will also close. Franklin hotel remains open with a limited number of rooms.

Deadwood Casinos Still Open During Coronavirus Pandemic as of March 23

  • 777 Casino
  • Bullock Hotel (closes 8am March 25)
  • Buffalo Bodega
  • Cadillac Jack’s
  • Deadwood Station
  • First Gold (table games closed)
  • Franklin Hotel (suspended casino operations 3/24, hotel open)
  • Gold Country Inn
  • Gold Dust
  • Hickok’s
  • Iron Horse Inn
  • Mineral Palace (table games closed)
  • Mustang Sally’s
  • Silverado (suspended operations 3/24)
  • Super 8
  • The Lodge at Deadwood (suspended operations 3/24)
  • Tin Lizzie

Deadwood Casinos with Live Poker and Table Games

The poker room and table games at Cadillac Jack’s are still open. Silverado, Franklin, Mineral Palace and Tin Lizzie still deal spread live table games.

Deadwood Mayor Asks Casinos to Close

Deadwood mayor Dave Ruth, Jr., called for all Deadwood casinos to close today. Ruth is a table games supervisor at Silverado, one of the Deadwood casinos still open. It was a request and not a mandate. Mayor Ruth also asked for all restaurants in Deadwood to stop permitting patrons to eat at the establishment and for all bars in town to close.

Other Deadwood Closures

Some Deadwood casinos that are still open have limited operations. This includes:

  • Buffalo Bodega – Closed restaurant
  • Cadillac Jack’s – Closed Flyt Steakhouse, other restaurants only open for take out
  • First Gold – Closed table games and buffet
  • Silverado – Closed poker room
  • The Lodge – Closed table games, poker room and both restaurants

A complete list of Deadwood closures may be found here.

Deadwood Casinos Temporarily Closed as of 3pm Local Time on March 23

  • Bullock Hotel (8am March 25)
  • Deadwood Gulch
  • Deadwood Mountain Grand
  • Oyster Bay
  • Saloon No. 10
  • VFW Post 5969

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