There are four poker rooms in Deadwood. These are located at Cadillac Jack’s, Saloon No. 10, Silverado and The Lodge.

Cadillac Jack’s is the only poker room that reopened on May 7 after the COVID-19 temporary closure. Silverado and The Lodge announced its poker rooms will not reopen during the first phase. Silverado has no plans to open its poker room in 2020.

Saloon No. 10 opened May 21. It will not offer poker or table games during the first phase of the reopening process.

The poker bet limit is $100 at Saloon No. 10 and Silverado. It is $1,000 at Cadillac Jack’s and The Lodge. Most games do not get to this level of action. The bet limits do not affect tournament buy-ins. The Silverado poker room spreads at least one $1,100 tournament annually. South Dakota law caps the tournament rake at 10 percent.

Cadillac Jack’s poker room

Cadillac Jack’s specializes in spread limit Texas Hold’em cash games. Its typical blind structures are 2-10, 3-15 and 3-25. There are higher limit games, like 3-5, 2-100 and 10-1,000, on busy nights. There is a $10 no limit Texas Hold’em tournament daily. It has $5 re-buys. There is a $110 no limit Hold’em tournament on Tuesday nights. There are six poker tables at Cadillac Jack’s.

The Cadillac Jack’s poker room opened with a max of four players per table. That has since increased to eight.

Saloon No. 10 poker room

Saloon No. 10 has a two-table poker room. It deals mostly 2-10 spread limit Texas Hold’em. Higher limit games or a $20 big river are available if there are enough players. A $6 tournament is held every morning, though it does not always get off the ground.

There are two special game days. On Tuesdays, there is a 2-10 spread limit Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo game. On Thursdays, there is a mixed game with variants of 2-10 Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Super 8 (three-card Hold’em) and pineapple. The player with the button chooses the game. One $2 blind is posted by the player to the left of the button, regardless of game. The dealer may choose to play a game high-only, low-only or hi/lo split.

Silverado poker room

Silverado poker room mostly deals 2-10 spread limit Texas Hold’em on its five tables. Players will find a 2-10 spread limit dealer’s choice game with Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi/Lo on Tuesdays. This game has a $50 hourly high hand from 2pm to 6pm. On Wednesday, it is 4/8 fixed limit Texas Hold’em. High hands of four of a kind and better pay four times the typical jackpot payout. Players that clock in receive $4 an hour in comps.

Thursday gives players a free tournament entry for giving two hours of cash game action. On Friday night, there is a 2-20 spread limit Omaha Hi/Lo game with a $2.50 hourly rate. Hold’em players get four times a high hand payout and a $4 hourly comp rate from noon to midnight.

Silverado offers three no limit Hold’em tournaments each week. On Thursdays, there is an $88 deep stack tournament. Players receive 10 percent more chips for buying in before the 6:30pm start. A points leaderboard awards one seat a month to an $1,100 tournament.

There is a $44 tournament at 2pm on Saturdays. It is a $220 tournament on the first Saturday each month. This also has a 10 percent chip bonus if entered by the 2pm start time. Sunday’s tournament starts at 3pm. The buy-in is $33. Players may enter with one, two or three stacks.

The Lodge at Deadwood poker room

The Rounders Poker Room at The Lodge at Deadwood spreads five tables. The main cash game is 2-100 spread limit Texas Hold’em. There may be smaller or larger games at busier times. There are tournaments every day. The buy-in is typically $30 to $40. Some have unlimited rebuys. Weeknight tournaments start at 6:30pm. The Saturday one is at 1pm. The Sunday event starts at 2pm and has a $111 buy-in.