Deadwood City Commission Orders Casinos to Close

The Deadwood City Commission voted unanimously to temporarily close casinos and all other non-essential businesses at an emergency hearing held at noon today. The suspension of operations must occur by 5pm today, March 25.

The order affects all casinos, dine-in restaurants, bars, spas, salons and other leisure businesses. Grocery stores, gas stations, hardware stores, healthcare providers, drug stores and delivery services are permitted within the city limits. Non-essential businesses may bring items out to the curb for pickup from customers that placed orders. Drive-thru windows at restaurants may operate.

Casinos may keep hotels open. Those that are open may redeem slot tickets, tokens and chips.

Deadwood was the last commercial casino market still open in the country. About a dozen casinos were operating in the South Dakota Black Hills town this morning. Mayor David Ruth Jr. noted in the hearing that some casinos needed to be directed to close by the government so the casinos could collect business interruption insurance payments.

The order does not have an ending date. The Deadwood City Commission will revisit it as time passes and permit the reopening of casinos and other non-essential businesses when it is deemed appropriate.

South Dakota Video Lottery Still Operating in State

This order only affects the casinos located in Deadwood. Other gaming establishments in the state are still operating. This includes most video lottery casinos in jurisdictions that have not been ordered to temporarily close by local governments. Video lottery games include slots, video poker, blackjack, keno and bingo.

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