Betting March Madness Basketball Tournament in South Dakota

Dale's at Deadwood Mountain Grand

March Madness is here. The NCAA Basketball Tournament brackets were released today. For the first time, it is legal to bet on March Madness in South Dakota. However, it is far from convenient. This guide will help you find places to bet on college basketball in Deadwood and alternatives for residents in other parts of the state.

No betting on South Dakota State Jackrabbits

The South Dakota State Jackrabbits made the NCAA Basketball Tournament as a 13 seed in the Midwest Region. Their opponent is Providence, the four seed. 

However, gaming regulations do not permit any betting on South Dakota college teams. This means that there will be no wagers made in Deadwood on or against the Jackrabbits. 

There is a solution. Iowa and Wyoming both have statewide mobile sports betting. South Dakota residents near those state lines can drive across the border, make an account, and place bets on South Dakota State games.

Deadwood sports betting

Deadwood is the only place to bet on sports legally in South Dakota. There are sportsbooks at several casinos in the city. Click the link for a list of confirmed Deadwood sportsbooks

Locations include Cadillac Jack’s, Tin Lizzie, Mustang Sally’s, Deadwood Mountain Grand and Gold Dust. We have found no South Dakota tribal casinos with sports betting.

No statewide mobile sports betting in South Dakota

While South Dakota voters approved sports betting overwhelmingly in the November 2020 election, Governor Kristi Noem opposes it, even though mobile betting on horses has been legal in South Dakota for more than 15 years. 

Noem told the state legislature that she would veto any mobile betting that expanded outside of Deadwood casinos. This led state lawmakers to pass sports wagering only in-person at Deadwood casinos and on mobile apps within the properties that offer it. No casinos have launched mobile betting on its property. 

There was an attempt to pass statewide mobile sports betting in the 2021 legislative session. It passed the state senate, but failed in the house. The Deadwood Gaming Association could not come to an agreement on a position and remained neutral during the debates. 

This mistake has led to pitiful action for South Dakota sports betting. Without mobile betting, Deadwood casinos exponentially lag its neighbors in terms of action. Wyoming mobile sportsbooks post revenue numbers that are more than 10 times that of South Dakota. Wyoming’s population is only about two-thirds that of South Dakota. 

The problem is that Deadwood is not convenient to South Dakota’s population centers. It is an hour drive from Rapid City. It is five hours from Sioux Falls.

Where to bet on sports in South Dakota outside Deadwood

South Dakota residents have a couple of options to place bets outside of Deadwood. Sioux Falls residents may drive across the Iowa border to create a mobile sports betting account in that state. This may be done on any phone. Deposits and wagers may be made across the state line in Iowa.

Wyoming has the same situation as Iowa. South Dakota residents in the western part of the state that do not want to drive to Deadwood may cross the state line into Wyoming, create a mobile betting account, deposit, and make sports bets on any modern phone. 

Some South Dakotans continue to bet on sports the old fashioned way through offshore sites or local bookies. This comes with risks, but will continue to be a thriving industry for as long as South Dakota refuses to enter the modern era of mobile sports betting.